jeudi 13 novembre 2014

Bergama, Turquie
Pentax Super A / Ilford 125

yellow leaves and wandering clouds
correspondance entre Vienne et Istanbul.

you came to that flat next to the austrian hospital, just to 
have a cup of tea, but 
went out the following morning 
the very same clothes than the evening before

the silence was deep
and heavy like a wool blanket on your body
– on cold winter nights
I went to the sea and the shore
was completely empty
a solitude
I felt strange, one
of these feelings that you can't make sense of
it is strange that
the idea that we are nothing in the world
provokes such a feeling of happiness

at the same time I have a 
energy to do new things
it is hard to 
find the right way to 
write about this, even more 
in english
the hardest part for me 
is the start

we only care about people who share the same
ethnicity, religious belief, ideology, etc.
with us
they have to share something
with us
otherwise they are not eligible for our compassion
I was moved
I saw you sleeping that very morning and
I am happy that I can find
those emotions
again in the picture